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Hurricane Matthew: Monster Storm Could Hit Florida Twice Due To Projected Boomerang Path

As Hurricane Matthew bears down on Florida, forecasters reveal that the situation may be more dire than originally expected. Meteorologists say that Hurricane Matthew could make an extremely rare U-turn and hit Florida twice. Forecasters fear that Hurricane Matthew will make landfall in Florida as a Category 4 hurricane before working its way up the


Hurricane Matthew: God's Way To Punish Homouals?

Hurricane Matthew has crumbled the Florida coast with torrential rain on Friday, potentially devastating storm surges leaving hundreds of thousands without any major resources. Now, a young educated man thinks that this is God’s way to punish all the homouals. Thirty-one-year-old Andrew Beiszad has suggested in his bizarre blog that the disastrous hurricane that has


Hurricane Matthew Update: Latest Florida Storm Details, Tropical Storm Nicole Weather Record

In the latest Hurricane Matthew updates, it appears the storm path missed South Florida landfall by a small margin, but still wreaked plenty of havoc on the state. After precautionary evacuations and closings, the state reported a widespread number of power outages, damaged areas, and several deaths. In addition, the destructive storm combined with Tropical


Watch Hurricane Hermine Coverage Live Online: Where To Find Streaming Video, Live Updates As Storm Makes Landfall

Viewers can watch coverage of Hurricane Hermine live online and see streaming video of the first hurricane to make landfall in Florida in more than a decade. Residents in the state’s Panhandle region started to bunker down on Thursday and some counties began issuing mandatory evacuation notices for residents in low-lying areas as the storm


Matthew Is No Longer A Hurricane, But Still Poses A Threat: Floodwaters Continue To Rise in North Carolina As Florida Deals With Aftermath Of Tropical Storm, See How Matthew Compares With Other Large Storms

After Hurricane Matthew hit, you’d be forgiven for confusing Lumberton, North Carolina with the canals of Venice. Though the storm has thankfully quieted down, it’s cities like Lumberton and those along the southeastern edge of the United States who have paid the heaviest price. Cities like Orlando, FL; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Lumberton were hit


Hurricane Hermine Gaining Strength, Will New York City Be Spared?

Hurricane Hermine became the first hurricane in 10 years to make landfall in Florida. When Hermine hit Florida, it landed as a category one hurricane. Florida Governor, Rick Scott, stated that Hermine caused power outages to over 300,000 people in the state. One of the two reported deaths caused by Hermine occurred in Florida. The

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