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'Halloweentown' Is Real, St. Helens Oregon To Host Festivities Throughout October

Halloweentown lovers rejoice. There’s still time to pack your favorite costume, tune up your broom, and head out to St. Helens, Oregon. In case you’re unaware, this is the quaint little town where much of Disney’s Halloweentown was filmed in 1998. According to Cosmopolitan, the residents of St. Helens have been recreating the experience almost


Disney World's Animal Kingdom Is Open For Late Night

Disney World’s Animal Kingdom is open until 11 p.m. beginning Friday, May 27 according to the Orlando Sentinel. After three years of careful preparation, Disney’s zoology experts are satisfied that the change will not put stress on the animals. Scott Terrell, Walt Disney Parks and Resort’s director of animal and science operations explains. “We’ve had


Bran Castle: Spend Halloween Night In Count Dracula's Castle, Courtesy Of Bram Stoker's Great-Grandnephew And Airbnb

Bran Castle, otherwise known as Dracula’s Castle, hasn’t catered to overnight guests since 1948. But that’s about to change, according to The Pueblo Chieftan. Thanks to Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew and Airbnb, two lucky people will win the opportunity to camp out in Count Dracula’s amazingly gothic digs on October 31. The winners will be whisked


This Is 'Most Miserable Airport' In America

Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey has been named the most miserable airport in the United States, according to a report by released on Wednesday. The travel site, which compares credit cards that offer frequent flyer miles, published its annual report ranking airports in the U.S. by delays for the summer flying season.


Thailand's Tourism Scene Is About To Change Forever, Pledge Officials

Telegraph reports that the legendary red light scene that has become closely tied to tourism in Thailand is about to change and will never be the same again, thanks to a pledge made by Thailand’s first female tourism minister, Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, in June. Thailand is an absolutely huge tourist destination for international travelers. Delicious food,


Allegiant Air Has Mid-Air Breakdowns Four Times More Than Any Other U.S. Airline

One airline experiences four times more mid-air breakdowns than any other U.S. airline, according to a new report. Inc. reveals that Allegiant Air tops the record with unscheduled landings due to mechanical issues. Analysis taken by The Tampa Bay Times uncovered some startling statistics concerning mechanical issues that face the airline’s planes. It was determined


Best Memorial Day Beaches To Visit This Holiday Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means it’s time for people to head to the beach. While weather varies across the nation making a trip to the beach dependent upon Mother Nature, many people plan to spend Memorial Day and the weekend at the beach. For some, Memorial Day is the official start of the


'Wings Over Washington,' New Disney-Like Attraction Opens This Month In Seattle

Kyle Griffith, vice president of Great Western Attractions and co-owner of Miners Landing at Pier 57 in Seattle, Washington announced today that Wings Over Washington, a new “flying theater,” will be ready for excursions next week in a new press release. Wings Over Washington is a new state-of-the-art Disney-like ride similar to the “Soarin’” attractions

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