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Venezuela Food Crisis: More Than 123,000 People Cross Into Colombia For Food And Medicine

The Venezuela food crisis is continuing to grow and this weekend the government once again opened the border into Colombia. According to Canadian Business,more than 123,000 people took advantage, stocking up on food and medicine. A photo shows the depths of crisis in Venezuela. Tens of thousands stream across border to buy food. —


Peru March Against Gender Violence Draws 50,000

In response to recent news of perpetrators committing violent crimes against women and getting lenient sentences, groups of protesters totaling more than 50,000 people gathered in the capital city of Lima and eight other cities in Peru for an unprecedented march. Officials claim this was the largest gathering of protesters in the nation’s history. “Today,


Brazil Coup: Dilma Rousseff Ouster Called 'Farce'

In what has been described as a “serious blow to democracy” and a Brazil “coup,” President Dilma Rousseff has been suspended for 180 days amid what was described as a “corruption scandal” and a vote by the South American country’s Senate, on Thursday, to replace her with Vice President Michel Temer, as reported by The

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