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Facebook Bans Writer Who Called Trump Supporters 'Nasty, Fascistic Lot'. Is Social Media Censoring Anti-Trump Rehtoric?

A Facebook user who called supporters of Donald Trump a “nasty, fascistic lot” and was temporarily suspended is accusing the social media giant of censoring anti-Trump sentiment, The Guardian is reporting. Kevin Sessums is a British blogger and journalist, known for celebrity pieces, best-selling memoirs, and his work for Vanity Fair. He claims that he


Tinder To Discontinue Service To Under 18 Users

Tinder is shutting down all the accounts of users who are younger than 18 years of age starting next week. The dating app has previously allowed anyone over 13, which is the youngest age that a person can sign up for Facebook, to sign up and use the app. Users between the ages of 13


Facebook Censors Wikileaks: DNC Emails Temporarily Blocked, But Was It Just An Error?

Facebook blocked Wikileaks DNC email files, bringing into question once again whether the company intentionally favors liberal views while censoring conservatives. Tweets began to emerge on Twitter Saturday that Facebook and Twitter were censoring links to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) emails that had been dumped by Wikileaks. Facebook: Censorship of DNC Emails Leak 'an

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