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Remote Viewing 'Time-Cross Project' To Report Tomorrow's News Today: Experiment To Study Psychic Ability To Report Future News

An experiment to study psychic ability to report news is underway, known as the Time-Cross Project. Is it possible that we could report tomorrow’s news today? The Farsight Institute has been studying remote viewing since 1995. Recently, they have been testing the theory that remote viewers can report future news. What exactly is remote viewing?


Sharpie Shock Challenge: 3rd-Degree Burns From Black Marker And Camera Phone Photo's Flash?

There’s a new challenge going around called the “Sharpie Shock Challenge.” On Instagram, the hashtag #sharpieshockchallenge already has 103 posts, with many of them being videos showing users undertaking the “Sharpie Shock Challenge” for themselves. As seen in the below videos, a person first uses a black marker — usually a black Sharpie — to


Eminem's Daughter? 19-Year-Old Appears On Dr. Phil, Says She's Pregnant With Baby Jesus And Daughter Of Rapper Eminem

Does rapper Eminem have another daughter? Well, it depends on who you ask. According to 19-year-old Haley, who describes herself as a paranoid schizophrenic, and recently appeared on the Dr. Phil show, Eminem is her father. Sounds crazy right? Actually, it’s probably the least crazy thing Haley has claimed. Per her friends and family, Haley


Amanda Warfel: Pennsylvania Woman Pleads Guilty To Having Extremely Loud

In Pennsylvania, Amanda Warfel’s “loud ” conviction may be enough to quirk an eyebrow or two. The woman, whose relationship with her neighbors can most politely be described as “strained,” has pleaded guilty to antagonizing her neighbors by having exceptionally noisy , USA Today is reporting. So loud were Warfel’s ecstasies that the noise shook


AirAsia Flight Lands In Wrong Country: A String Of Pilot Errors Sent Flight In Wrong Direction With 212 Passengers, Concludes Investigation

An AirAsia flight flew in the wrong direction and landed in an entirely different country. The plane with 212 passengers continued on the erroneous flight path and the pilots didn’t realize the same till it was too late to take any remedial action. An AirAsia flight that was supposed to fly from Sydney to Malaysia


MSNBC Anchor Confuses Bill Cosby With Bill Clinton [Video]

MNSBC anchor Steve Kornacki had an embarrassing slip of the tongue about ex-President Bill Clinton this morning during his network’s coverage of the Bill Cosby court hearing in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Usually seen in front of large digital maps during MNSBC’s presidential primary coverage, Kornacki provided this commentary during a live shot of the courthouse exterior,


A Psychiatrist Distinguishes Demonic Possession And Mental Illness Among People In The United States

Richard Gallagher, a professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College and a certified psychologist, distinguishes demonic possession and mental illnesses among people in the United States. Gallagher began working with a Catholic Priest after being asked his professional opinion on a troubled woman. She was either suffering from a mental disorder or a


New Image Surfaces Of Loch Ness Monster, But Is Nessie A Hoax?

Amateur photographer Ian Bremner, 58, has snapped an extraordinary photograph which purports to show the most convincing evidence yet of the Loch Ness Monster. The Huffington Post reports that Bremner managed to capture Nessie on Saturday afternoon as he was busy scouting for red deer between the Scottish villages of Dores and Inverfarigaig. “This is


Want to Know the True Definition of Playboy? This Guy Slept With About 132 Women, Including a Nun and His Own Daughter

And you think Justin Bieber was an a—hole. Let’s just take a stroll back down memory lane and revisit the baddest playboys a couple of decades ago. One of them is named Giacomo Casanova. Giacomo Casanova lived during the time when there was massive plague and ually transmitted diseases were not controlled. But this did

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