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Kratom Ban Leads To A Petition With Over 80,000 Signatures

The US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) announced its plan to ban kratom – an herb also known as mitragyna speciose. A petition against the Kratom ban has gained over 80,000 signatures with 100,000 needed to get a response from the White House. Kratom has been popular in the US among people self-managing chronic pain and


Federal Judge Finds Merck 'Lied Under Oath At Deposition And Trial'

Federal Judge Beth Labson Freeman of San Jose has found that that Merck & Co. lied to both a business partner and to the court itself. Throwing out a patent infringement judgement that the major pharmaceutical company had previously won against Gilead Sciences, Judge Freeman also overturned a $200 million jury award granted to Merck


Parkinson's Disease Psychosis: Dr. Daniel Kremens Explains Hallucinations, New Drug

A little-known aspect of Parkinson’s Disease, according to a neurologist in Philadelphia, is the fact that about half of the one million people who have it will develop Parkinson’s disease psychosis, which he describes as “delusions and hallucinations,” at some point during the course of their illness. “Parkinson’s disease has both motor and non-motor symptoms.


'Club Drug' Ketamine Useful In Migraine Treatment, Researchers Say

Ketamine, a potent drug that is often used in anesthesia and classified as a “dissociative agent” is also popular on the club scene in a recreational sense, often referred to as “Special K.” It has also been used in veterinary medicine to sedate animals and causes individuals to enter a “trance-like” state when taken. [image


Amber Athwal: A Routine Visit To The Dentist Leaves A Canadian Girl Brain-Damaged And In Constant Pain

Amber Athwal, a four-year-old Canadian girl, has been left permanently brain-damaged and in constant pain after a routine visit to the dentist went horribly wrong, CBC News is reporting. On September 2, Amber’s family says, the young girl went to the family dentist for a routine check-up and found some cavities. The dentist recommended that


Heart Attack More Likely To Kill Diabetics Than Non-diabetics

A heart attack is more likely to kill a person with diabetes than one without. Diabetics are 56 percent more likely to die if they have a heart attack caused by a completely blocked coronary artery, than non-diabetics. In cases where a partially blocked coronary artery causes the heart attack, diabetics are 39 percent more

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