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Confederate Flag Causes Controversy At Pennsylvania High School, Students Are Being Suspended — Parents Say Kids Don't Feel Safe

The Confederate Flag has become the center of an ongoing controversy at a Pennsylvania high school, with students being suspended left and right for wearing the banned symbol, and some parents threatening to pull their kids out of school over safety concerns, WMUR (Manchester) is reporting. The Confederate Flag controversy at Pittsburgh’s Plum Senior High


'Clinton University': Does Hillary Clinton Have A Trump University Problem?

Hillary Clinton may have a “Clinton University” problem equivalent to the controversy surrounding the Trump University scandal that has complicated the rival presidential campaign of GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump, according to various media reports. The Democrat presumptive nominee’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, received about $16 million from Laureate Education, a giant for-profit college


Jane Wood Allen: Georgia Teacher Fired For Racist Facebook Posts Comparing Michelle Obama To A Gorilla

Georgia teachers’ aide Jane Wood Allen has been fired for making racist posts on Facebook, in which she described First Lady Michelle Obama as a “gorilla,” among other social media posts of questionable taste. As Forsyth News reports, until this week Allen was a “parapro” (that is, paraprofessional) at Chestatee Elementary School. However, on Monday


A Texas Mom Is Fighting For Her Transgender Daughter's Right To Use The Girls' Bathroom At School

A Texas mother is fighting the local school district for her transgender daughter’s right to use the girls’ bathroom, arguing that the district’s current stance encourages bullying and endangers her daughter, The Houston Chronicle is reporting. Kimberly Shappley’s daughter, “Kai,” will start kindergarten in the fall. Although Kai was born biologically male, she has identified


Goodbye, Traditional Montessori, Hello, Outdoor Preschool

Montessori schools have been popular for the past decade or so, and they are characterized by student-led learning. Wikipedia describes them as “an educational approach developed by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori and characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development.” These


A Montana High School Held A 'Color Wars' Contest For Homecoming, Kids Showed Up In 'White Pride' Shirts

A Montana high school held a “color wars” contest before Homecoming, but what was intended as a good-natured exercise in building school spirit turned ugly when a few kids showed up wearing shirts with the words “white pride,” The Washington Post is reporting. High schools across the country have games and events in the week


Some Florida Third Graders' Parents Opted Them Out Of Standardized Tests, So Their Schools Are Making Them Repeat Third Grade

The parents of a handful of Florida third graders opted them out of state standardized tests last school year, and in response, their schools are not promoting them to fourth grade, The Washington Post is reporting. Now those parents are suing to get their kids promoted. The lawsuit names Florida Education Commissioner Pam Stewart, the

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