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Chris Brown Released on $250K Bail Following Police Standoff

Chris Brown has been released on $250,000 bail following his arrest for assault with a deadly weapon. The 27-year-old singer posted bail late Tuesday night following an intense, 14 hour long stand-off with police. Brown’s legal problems began when police responded to a call at his multi-million dollar Tarzana, California home around 3 a.m. When


Presidential Debate Breakout Star: Ken Bone Outshines Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton On Social Media, Who Is This Man?

While the second presidential debate last night ended up with Donald Trump calling for the imprisonment of Hillary Clinton, social media seemed to find one glimmer of light to cling to: Kenneth Bone. During the debate, Ken Bone quickly became a trending internet meme, people are tweeting about this man left and right but, who


Amanda Knox Netflix Trailers: 'Believe Her' Or 'Suspect Her;' How Did Filmmakers Get Her To Talk? [VIDEO]

Chilling trailers have been released for the new Amanda Knox Netflix documentary which premieres September 30. Two trailers were released: “Believe Her” and “Suspect Her” to play up different aspects of Amanda Knox’s legal controversy. In the “Believe Her” trailer, Amanda Knox is pictured as a teary-eyed girl who maintains her innocence. This trailer focuses


Twitter Launched New Video App, Plus No More 140 Character Limit On Tweets As Of September 19th

Twitter just launched a new video streaming application for Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Xbox One gaming console. The new Twitter video app will be available for users with these devices without a Twitter account or a pay-TV subscription, Twitter issued in a statement on Wednesday. The application will feature video content from a number


Long-Lost 'Ghost Ship' Discovered In Arctic Sea Bed

A long-lost British exploration ship, HMS Terror, had been found according to Canadian Arctic explorers. The ship, which was a part of the doomed Franklin Expedition in 1845, was found on he bottom of Victoria Strait in the Western Arctic. With this discovery, one of the greatest maritime mysteries of the world seems to have

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