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Korea’s Park toughens stand on North

South Korea’s main liberal opposition party has criticized the government’s decision to suspend operations at Kaesong, saying the measure will hurt only South Korean businessmen and deepen tensions with North Korea. North Korea responded last Thursday by shutting down the last symbol of inter-Korean cooperation project, expelling South Korean workers from there and freezing all


Facebook Messenger for Android unveils multiple accounts support

As of today, you have the possibility to switch between multiple Facebook Messenger accounts. Facebook has finally made things a little bit easier for its users by introducing support for multiple Messenger accounts on the same device. To do that, they need to switch to that account and that means inputting the password the first


Science proves Einstein’s theory on gravitational waves correct

The results reported by the Laser Gravitational-Wave Observatory mark the first-ever observations of a black hole merger, and the first of what’s expected to be many observations of gravitational waves. This discovery, apart from vindicating Einstein, is the first proof that binary black-hole systems-the existence of which was always treated as a theoretical probability-are materially

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