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Kim Jong Un Says North Korea Will Test Launch Intercontinental Nuclear Missile That Could Reach U.S.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un used his New Year’s Day speech to proclaim that the communist nation was edging close to an intercontinental nuclear missile test launch. The leader said that the potentially devastating weapon was in its “last stage” and would be tested as soon as possible. Many fear that a successful ICBM


Pakistan 'Honor Killing' Law Closes Loophole That Allowed Murderers To Walk Free – However Amendment Still Allows Killers To Live

After multiple women were murdered under the guise of “honor killing,” Pakistan has amended its laws that previously allowed the murderer to walk free. However, the revision is still weak, feel experts who insist that the country must completely do away with the archaic practice of allowing family members to have a say in the


Like Lee Kuan Yew, Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte Reveals Self Through Humble Home

Like Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew before him, Philippine President-elect Rodrigo Duterte goes home to a nondescript house, sized moderately to his taste, where the comforts of family life sustain him. Lee lived in an old two-story house on the fringe of Singapore’s glitzy ultra-modern shopping belt while Duterte maintains his own old two-story house at


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi Calls Pakistan A 'Mother-Ship Of Terrorism'

At the ongoing BRICS summit being held in Goa, India, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has courted controversy after he branded Pakistan a “mother-ship of terrorism.” According to Reuters, addressing other BRICS leaders at a resort in Goa, Modi said; “In our own region, terrorism poses a grave threat to peace, security and development. Tragically,


North Korean Restaurant Workers Defect To South From China

A small number of North Korean workers recently defected from a restaurant in China, according to an official in the South Korean Unification Ministry. Speaking under condition of anonymity, the official confirmed the news to Yonhap News Agency on Tuesday. “It is a fact that North Koreans have recently fled an overseas restaurant,” said the


International Outrage After Malaysian School Girls Forced To Walk Through Snake-Filled Muddy Pit For 'Character Building' [Video]

International observers, as well as some authorities in Malaysia, are expressing outrage after video surfaced of young schoolgirls being made to wade across a muddy, snake-filled pit while male instructors doused them with water, the Straits Times is reporting. In the video, which you can see below, about 10 girls are seen attempting to wade


North Korea Launches Its Own Version Of Facebook

A social media site closely resembling Facebook appeared on a North Korean web server on Friday. Only a short time after appearing online, the website, named StarCon, has already been hacked. StarCon, called “Best Korea’s Social Network,” is visibly a clone of the famous social media giant, complete with a blue banner on the homepage


Sandeep Kumar Tape: Details Of Explicit Video Showing Indian Politician With Two Women Emerge Out As Snippets Of Tape Leak

Sandeep Kumar is embroiled in a tape scandal, with a copy of an explicit video of the Indian politician in bed with two women allegedly making its way to a news station and leaking to the internet. The controversy erupted late on Wednesday when a CD allegedly showing Kumar in a very compromising position was

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