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2017 Predictions: Trump Approval Rating, Best Picture, Super Bowl, Dow Jones, Nobel Prize, World Series, Wimbledon

CNN asked 13 of its commentators for their opinions about how the world will look in 2017. Those who provided answers include Paul Callan, Lanhee Chen, Danny Cevallos, SE Cupp, Roxanne Jones, Frida Ghitis, Peniel Joseph, Dean Obeidallah, Mel Robbins, Paul Reyes, Jeff Yang, Tara Setmayer, and Timothy Stanley. The first question asked of each

'Star Wars: Episode 8' Rumors: Carrie Fisher Will Still Play Major Role In Next 'Star Wars' Movie, But Princess Leia Could Die In 'Episode 9'

Carrie Fisher will still appear in Star Wars: Episode 8, as the actress finished shooting before her shocking death this week, but another big question is still up in the air — will Princess Leia die in the next movie. Fisher died on Tuesday, three days after suffering what was described as a massive heart

NBA Rumors: Los Angeles Lakers Eye DeMarcus Cousins, May Need To Part With D'Angelo Russell In Trade

NBA rumors are swirling that the Los Angeles Lakers are eyeing a possible trade for DeMarcus Cousins to sure up the center position for the long-term. Multiple NBA rumors have suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers are willing to part with significant players in order to obtain the impact player from the Sacramento Kings. Forbes

'Rogue One' Actor Admits Shooting 'Enormously Different' Versions Of Film

One of Rogue One‘s main actors Ben Mendelsohn has revealed that director Gareth Edwards shot enormously different versions of the Star Wars spin-off, suggesting that the reshoot rumors regarding the blockbuster were closer to truth than fiction. Ben Mendelsohn, who portrayed Orson Krennic, the director of advanced weapons research for the Imperial Military in Rogue

Richard Adam's Death At 96, 'Watership Down' Author Wrote, 'My Heart Has Joined The Thousand, For My Friend Stopped Running Today'

The year 2016 is the year of celebrity deaths. Just in this last week of 2016, the world has reeled from the news of George Michael’s death, and the equally unexpected death of Carrie Fisher. On December 27, the news broke that the author of the beloved children’s book, Watership Down, is one more on

2016: The Year In Madonna

Madonna was one of the most talked about celebrities of 2016, and that wasn’t always a good thing. She started the year off finding herself in a place where she has traveled to so many times — the Land of PR Hell. However, the Queen of Pop ended 2016 on a good note with a

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